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Simple Panels

Product Details

Simple Panels

Available both as PVC & ALU Door panels, without Inox application.

PVC Thickness: 1,5mm
ALU Thickness: 1,5mm
Panel Thickness: varies between 24mm to 44mm.
Glass Specifications: 3/3 Laminated Glass on the outside, please check each model for its specific glass for the innerside.

Product Group

Simple Panels


Product Codes

D-4014, D-7010, D-8727, D-8874, D-8890, D-8891, S-1100, S-1500, S-3910, S-4010, S-4015, S-4050, S- 4070, S-5040, S-7210, S-9050, S-9060, S-9061, SX-7021

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