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Machinery & Capabilities


x1 big size press to produce 1500x3000mm Sandwich Panels
x2 door size press to produce 900x2100mm Decorative Door Panels


Vacuum Forming

Vacuum Forming machine to produce grooved and textured PVC door panels


Insulated Glass Production Section

We have custom made mini-size Glass washing and pressing station to which enables the production of even the minimum sized insulated glasses.

With the help of our Glass Pressing machine, all insulated glasses are produced with WarmEdge spacers to secure the rounded glass edges against humidity.


CNC Router

We can produce any - yes any - door panel designs both on PVC and Aluminum


CNC Hot Wire Cutter, Calibration & Sandpapering


Thanks to our top qualified EPS work stations, we can produce special-sized thickness with perfect surface.

You are no longer bound with standard thickness of 24mm. Here we are to offer any thickness starting from 20mm to 80mm, depending on your project.

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