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Product Details


Vacuum formed door panels

PVC Sheet: 1,3mm | Surface: Matt | Color Shade: RAL 9016 of medium range
Laminates: 1,3mm | Surface: Glossy | Lamination Options: Anthrazit Gray, Golden Oak, Mahagony of LG Film

According to project specifications different Sheet thickness', lamination options and material origin can be available.

Product GroupVacuum

Formed Door panels

Product Codes

T-1210, T-1230, T-1351, T-1352, T-1353, T-1354, T-1355, T-1370, T-1380, T-1602, T-1701, T-1702, T- 1801, T-1828, T-1829, T-1830, T-1831, T-1832, T-1917, T-1918, T-2001, T-2101, T-2201, T-2811, T-2812, T-3511, T-3611, T-3711, T-5000, T-5001, T-6002, T-7010, T-7012, T-7013, T-8011, T-8013, T-9010, T- 9011, T-9020, T-9030, T-9040, TD-44, TX-415, TX-1210

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